Little surprises come in the oddest of times. As any mother would be, I am in a constant search for the “perfect” products for my baby. Hopping from brand to brand I have in due time settled over things I have tried and observed good for my baby. Even before my baby was born, I had chanced upon umpteen articles that elaborated on the importance of massages.

In India, the whole massage activity is handed over to japa maids. Because apparently “they know better!” But I never really could hand over my baby to strange hands! So there began my journey of bonding with my little one. The little one was really little when I realized that massages can actually enhance the quality of sleep. Well-timed massages of course! Infants and toddlers at times tend to over-tire themselves during the day, and that seemed to be the major cause of disturbed, unhappy sleep and smaller sleeping durations even in the night. I established a good pre-bedtime routine and the most important part of that routine was the massage.

Now came the part about finding the right oil, which would be as good as striking gold! I found what soothed my baby to bed is the Himalaya Baby Massage Oil.

The Winter Cherry combined with their base of Olive Oil was extremely light in nature for my baby’s skin. At the same time, the Oil also had traces of Ashwagandha and Aloe Vera. This ensured that the skin tone of my baby remained even and smooth. My baby had extremely dry skin and I was advised not to swing either ways – to find a balanced oil. Not too oily that blocked the pores, and not too light that dried up the skin in less than 2 hours. I have used the Oil twice daily, out of which one was a full body massage, And I had in return, a deep in sleep baby sooner than I blinked! Now, it took a lot of time to get rid of the nightmares, but the duration of the sleeping hours increased drastically during the night. Not all credit goes to the Oil, some to it and some to tender touch massages that soothe baby to sleep, but I doubt if I would have achieved the same results with any other oil.

  • The Oil is priced reasonably and available in sizes of 100ml and 200ml, priced at Rs 90 and Rs 165 respectively.


Where can you buy?

One can buy the Oil from their online store.

  • Also on most shopping sites  like First Cry, Baby Oye, Amazon, Flipkart
  • It is also available in all leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

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