When was the last time you saw anyone use their hands for painting? I am raising a young child. He loves to paint with his fingers! Watching him do it, I was filled with curiosity…the emotion that fills his heart when he dips his long fingers in paint and brings together his feelings on the canvas. I wanted to feel it too. Even as a child, I remember being told to use the brush whilst painting…what must it be like? I bought a canvas, traced his hand and mine…and took a dig at it!

I must say, every smear with the finger was therapeutic. Somehow the colors come together differently when it is fingers doing the job. The shades, the tints, the texture “feel” different when you are using your fingers to paint. It turned out to be an abstract painting. It has received a lot of compliments (all friends, mind you!!!) for the colors chosen. The technique of painting was my own. Then I decided to research finger painting a bit more. It is going obsolete it seems! Brushes are the most preferred tools for finesse. Finger painting is a fine outlet for expression. Painting in the first place brings out your thoughts. And when you use your hands or fingers, there is a completely different sense of happiness. Physical indulgence, the strokes, the slight of this and a bit of that are some of the advantages. The brush strokes are more controlled, more pre-planned than the fingers and hands. Just as our thoughts flow without our interference, so do our fingers and hands. The sense of achievement at the end of the day is very real. Very close to the heart. When you use our fingers, you give free reign to your thoughts. They take their own shape and your fingers follow suit. It is simply a matter of time before your thoughts get translated into magnificent works of art, right before your eyes, with your own fingers and hands adding the last dimension to it.

Think about it next time you pick up your brush. Or your child asks to use a brush……

I found some really brilliant pieces of finger art at http://www.fingerpainter.com/index.htm