Atrio Hotels, Delhi.

Content Strategy / Content Writing / Search Engine Optimization

Client: Atrio Hotels, Delhi

Services: Copy Writing, Search Engine Optimization

Year: 2015


Copy Writing

Copy that worked for the Hotel owners as well as clicked for all their guests. The mandate was to write SEO sustaining copy for all the pages of the website.

Perfect Design

Optimize the website to make it usable as an asset and marketing tool organically for the Hotel owners. It was key that the traffic remained relevant and was organic.

Copy-writing to ensure the guests know what the brand is all about, what to expect at the resort and writing to ensure a seamless brand experience on the website. Search Engine optimization for extremely competitive keywords to organically increase traffic for the website. There are innumerable resorts competing with Atrio Hotels and took immense effort to help them rank organically on page 1 for their two key services – weddings and corporate events.