Conceptualized over coffee with Shilpa Sharma and Rahul Nainwal Breakaway was a baby of passion, hard work and focus.

Founded in January 2011 to April of the same year the learning curve was steep. With both partners pre-invested in Consulting and other ventures, a lot rode on my back. Roles and responsibilities were well divided, and yet we all are aware of how Entrepreneurship works.

Digital Marketing was my key strength as a Partner and Co-Founder since sales were clearly dependent upon Online reputation and forging relationships. Researching, short-listing and forming working relationships with Indian and Global travel portals / platforms to sell, Website Design & Development, Website Content, complete Marketing Plan with Budgets were my deliverables as a partner. As entreprenuers, we all did what needed to be done, and key areas I managed;

a) All Marketing initiatives

b) Content writing

c)Co-lateral design and development

d) Cold Calls and Sales

e) Budgeting and Experience design

f) Customer Relationship management

g) Technical aspects of the business – Website, all social media channels, blogs etc.

I sold my stake and decided to move on to greener pastures in May 2012.