Consciousness / SROT

I am the center. I am at the center. Everything I create revolves around me. Chaos is an integral part of me. And of my environment. I exist and merge with my surroundings because I am comfortable with chaos. My heart does not flutter or make me nervous. I am at peace. With chaos. Inside of me and outside.

Chaos means different things to different people. It comes in different shapes and sizes. We all react differently to chaos. For me, to find meaning and continue to live life is to accept chaos. What does it mean to you?

The choice of colors for this one is dark. With a splash of bright of course. Amongst chaos as well there is that bright center that is your clarity of thought. That is mine too. Several thoughts are represented by the elements of the painting. A thinking mind is full of thoughts, never ceases to think and in turn create more chaos. Working with these colors is intense. It is meaningful because each element represents a thought. A perfect thought by itself.

Painting Size:

Painted on Canvas board and framed as per buyer request.

Customization available :

a) Same color palate, similar painting, different size upon commission, smaller sizes will be tougher.

b) Different color palate, similar painting, any size upon commission.