ILIV360, Gurgaon

Content Strategy / Content Writing

Client: V19 Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (

Services: Copy Writing, Content Strategy

Year: 2016


Copy Writing

The mandate was to write all copy for the website, for the logged-in user and the visitor to the site.

Content Strategy

We arrived at holistic content dissemination plan across the website, for all kinds of users and visitors across the website.

The mandate was to plan for content across the website for several kinds of users. This portal is one of its kind at its launch and it was a challenge to construct and deconstruct content in a way to satisfy the knowledge need of all kinds of users. Visitors trying to understand the product, users who have bought the product and need to use it, and the ones who have bought it and are regular users of the same – were three critical kinds of visitors for the site. Help Center documents, walk-throughs and help tutorials were developed to guide first-time users of the portal. A blog was developed to disseminate content related to the community.