Consciousness / Reverence / SROT

As the colors flow onto the canvas, and the hands feel the magic of the yellow blend with the blue and the red, our heads bow to the Supreme Lord. For me, he is more than a God. He is the embodiment of love and happiness. The purity of feeling. I do not stand gaze to his form and my head bows in reverence. It is the acknowledgment of power and purity of it.

Working with these colors give me joy unparalleled. Three powerful colors that invoke a lot of feeling, when they come together to dance on the canvas, the opportunity to feel is intense.

Painting Size:

Painted on Canvas board and framed as per buyer request.

Customization available :

a) Same color palate, similar painting, different size upon commission.

b) Different color palate, similar painting, any size upon commission.


Photo Courtesy: Anamika Singh