Refer-a-Maid rebranded to

ENTREPRENEURSHIP / Refer-a-Maid(TM) / GharkaKaam

Important Milestones:

Started as a Facebook group in December 2011. Grew to 7 different cities and 10 k members across India by 2016 December.

Formed Sow The Change LLP for owning the brand Refer-a-Maid and GharkaKaam, March 2015.

Partnered with KnowledgeOps, a technology company to create India’s first portal to hire trusted and referred Domestic Workers, June 2015.

Rebranded to GharkaKaam with support from Swa. Anand Halve from Chlorophyll, a design agency, June 2015.

Faced a roadblock with partner company quit November 2015.

Designed, developed and launched March 2016