I read this -How do you teach your child ~ and then a whole lot of blah like teach values, gratitude….in a lot many places, all the time.This time, when I saw on LinkedIn in a parenting group, about how to teach your child Gratitude, I had to write. Why do you need to teach your child anything? If you are doing it, he is doing it. Isn’t it as simple as that? Let’s rewind a little bit and look at some examples here.

The child is born, does not really know the taste of beetroot or pick any vegetable you dislike. He hears you talk to other people, maybe even spit it out at a restaurant because you didn’t like it. He has learned. He has a post-it in his mind now, that his mom or dad said, that veggie tastes like goo. When you will try offering him the same veggie, the first thought, which is not a derived thought, but a planted thought is- Oh no! This tastes like goo! You will notice, especially in case of food, the children won’t even change the choice of words to describe why they don’t like a particular food.

Fussy children. What are fussy children? Why do they express themselves in a manner we call “fussy”? Because they learned that behavior from somewhere. Didn’t they? They saw us fuss about something. Food, clothes, choice of restaurant, it could be anything really.

Gratitude. How do you teach your child gratitude? He will learn and know. When he sees it being expressed all around. Create a culture of gratitude. Thank people around you a lot. For the smallest of the help, you have received.

So remember. You are your child’s best teacher. He worships you. At least he will till he starts seeing the inconsistency in what you say and what you do, which, is a discussion for later and another post. He needs to see you do, exhibit, demonstrate whatever you want him to learn, imbibe and adapt. It is tough to live a life without doing something you wouldn’t want you child to learn. Yes, it is very tough. And that is the right way to go about instilling values in children whether it is healthy eating or gratititude.