Finding the right moisturizer was difficult for me and my baby. He never really settled down with a specific product. Without naming a brand, I had also instinctively picked the one that every mom is advised about and that turned out not-such-an-intelligent choice of moisturizer. My son’s skin texture deteriorated to a point where he had a rash on his cheeks and it was diagnosed as dermatitis. Hell broke loose and we looked for a product that would suit his skin. Dermatitis went away with time and our search for the right fit as a moisturizer remained. The discovery ended with Himalaya Baby Lotion. After having used the rash crème I was already a bit sold out on how well they worked with toddlers.

The combination of the Olive Oil and Almond Oil, I think was key in helping my child’s skin. Standalone Olive oil leads to an oily skin and Almond oil is light. But both put together in a lotion form is ideal for the supple skin of the baby. The fact that it was available in smaller sizes too avoided me wasting any of it. I was able to try it first with smaller amounts and thereafter buy a large bottle. Constant use of the lotion during winters did not cause any problem for my child’s skin. It is very lightly fragrant and the scent was not bothersome for my child.

We are very happy with the quality of the lotion and there is always a bottle in my bag for on-the-go use at all times. I ensure my child’s skin is always moisturized and never exposed to the bad air quality in Gurgaon. It is good to take a break from time to time for any particular product and I have effectively cross used it with a couple Biotique moisturizers. However, I have always wandered back to this lotion because of its balance between moisturizing and being light. Happy lotioning mothers!

It is available on the official Himalaya Products website online in many different quantities. Very easy and you can order as per your need.

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