The below post was written on January 13.

Much as we were excited, there was an unspoken anxiety about what to expect when we parked our car and started walking towards the grounds, where the Fun-Field Day was to be held. My son and I had had a conversation about this day for quite some time now. How he finally managed to get there should be left for another discussion. But we got there. And the air was buoyant with energy. The bubbly and chirpy kids were kangarooing around on the grounds. Nostalgia sunk in. I zapped back to 1990’s. Our sports day. White lines across the grounds, with white chalk powder. To demarcate lines. None here….some cones well laid out on the ground to isolate game stations. Back to 1990’s, sack race, running race, lemon race?..some parading and oh yes, the anthem. Did we use to start with the anthem? Some not so physically active children, would “exercise”. Oh yes, and how can we forget the medals? Who stood first, and who second. The medal tally at the end of the day! Back to today, today…the kids were divided into teams…colors is what Nursery aged kids connect best colors. They marched in on a band…positioned themselves so well. With 6 game stations spread out across the school grounds, each section got to play each game at least once. Parents supported the class kids. Not just their own..all kids. Some games the children played by themselves, again, in teams, helping each other out. Not to win it, but to play it. To enjoy it. Some games were exclusively for the parents. The children got to see, a completely different version of their own parents. The ones who are the biggies in their life otherwise, all came together to do what 4 yr olds were doing. In sync. In one mind. Some games played big and small people together. There were no winners today. Only who got more fun out of the activities most…and who didn’t? At the end of it, who took home more? The kids or us? The sports day then….and the sports day TODAY.