One of the everlasting memories every Parent has is that of their child asking questions. Some quotes – “The questions go and on!” “The questions are across so many thought processes” “The questions are pure torture!” “The questions, are so diverse, I never know what to say!” “How do I answer his questions? I myself feel so unequipped to deal with the increasing curiosity!” “I am unable to keep up with the increasing hunger for knowledge. I think books are better!” and so on. I can keep quoting more, but I think we get the idea here.

If you notice, children express their curiosity even before they speak. They use the language that they can best, touch, feel, cry and shove everything in their mouth. The little one’s world has exploded suddenly to include new smells, touches, materials, sounds and tastes. It is overwhelming for any baby to receive so much information as soon as they are born. However, they are also very resilient. They know how to break information into pieces and receive. As they grow, their expression, their vocabulary increases. The learn to experience better. Focus better. This thus leads to more questions. The attitude to go the depth of the subject at hand instead of flitting from subject to subject is developed now. Allow the child to ask as many questions as possible, for as long as his curiosity is satiated. What it essentially means, simply put is, don’t shut him out. Let him express. This has two-fold benefits. The thought process and its complexity develop. And you build a strong connect with him. He expresses and you know how he thinks. This goes a long way in relationship building. So whatever it is, let him ask. Allow him to investigate. Nurture his curiosity. Develop faith in him. Give him small projects related to his questions. Enrich him with resources so he can learn to self-teach. Have engaging conversations with him. And lastly, ask more questions to him. Make him think, more. Make him more curious.

Please share more thoughts. How do you think we can nurture curiosity effectively?